Wednesday, April 13, 2016

NZ opera T 1

Jaxs Fish ‘N’ Chips

Purpose:  Thank You Note

Dear Jax

Thank you for coming to Rangikura School to share your opera show.

My most favourite part was when the salesman that sold potions ripped him off when the elixir was just L&P.  I really liked it when everyone of the actors sung because I have never heard opera in person.   The singers were really funny and entertaining and it was nice to watch them.

I would really like it if you and your actors could come back some day so we can watch your amazing acting and singing.

Yours sincerely 
Rangikura School
Turua @ Rangikura

                                                                                               20160414_092309 (1).jpg


  1. Nice letter Turua!!, it's very clear why you enjoyed the performance, and I'm sure your last sentence will remind them of the action you would like them to complete.

    Awesome work, Mum