Monday, October 17, 2016

My Book Review

       My book Review

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Amulet, Book Five: Prince Of The Elves
Kazu Kibuishi
Kazu Kibuishi
A family ( Emily the stonekeeper, stonekeepers are people that use a magical stones, Navin the commander of the revolution, and the regular care for the kids mum) that has gone into another world that is way different than theirs.  They are helping the Cielis guard soldiers fight against the elves, but Max the stone keeper is standing in the soldiers and the family's way.  Emily and her friends must stop the invasion of the elves before it starts, or else they will destroy the nation called Windsor.
What I liked best:
What I liked best is all the creativity in this book, like how the technology and mobiles are different to ours, it makes the story interesting and makes me want to read more.
What I didn’t like best:
What I didn’t like was nothing because it is all well done and it’s a very good book.
Favourite character and why:
My favourite character is Navin because he is good at things like flying jets, airplanes and other air mobiles, and he is commander of the revolution.
Would I recommend this book:
Yes I would because It is a great book and very well done by the author and Illustrator.  I think that whoever reads my book will think what I do about this book.  

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