Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Olympic Artwork

Screenshot 2016-09-22 at 9.52.33 AM.png

This here is my Olympic artwork, I had to take a picture of me and cut off the picture of my head and put it on an Olympic athlete's body.  Then we made a tessellation for the background of the picture (a repeating pattern of shapes or a shape that doesn't overlap and has no gaps).  

After that we made similes (comparing someone or something to a thing or a person) and metaphors (a direct comparison) that compare to what the athletes are doing what they look like they are doing.  

For the border we used words like the three Olympics values (Excellence, Friendship, and Respect) and shaded the border in a bright colour.  Next we had to outline the words to make the words pop more.  Then we gave it to Miss Hills (my teacher) and she laminated it for us.  On the last week of Term 3 which is now, we had to glue it in our quality work book.  This is a picture before I glued it in the quality workbook.            


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