Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Key Competencies And Colour Run

Key Competencies And Colour Run


In my school syndicate (Pohutukawa) we do a kind of fitness we call  color run, we run  around the streets close by our school and the positions are colours.  For example, red is first yellow is second, blue is third, and green is last.  Also a key competence is bit of info on what the qualities you should have to be a learner, teacher, and trier.  

In  this post I will compare what I am doing with my key competencies (which is managing self) with the colour run.  One of the things I am doing is setting my own goals, so far in the colour run I am always coming blue and yellow. What my goal is is to keep up what I am doing and try to become red.  The other thing I am doing is challenging myself, this means I am always trying my best and push my limits every time we do the run.

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