Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Whanaungatanga Term 1

This is my artwork that I did in Term 1 and also my class, I will tell you what they are.  The big paper is my identity, it shows where I’m from and who I am.  The yellow picture is me, my class and I took a photo and cut it in half and the other half is the face that I sketched.

The picture of the four korus are my whanaungatanga, if you don't know what it means look on the part called Whanaungatanga on my blog.  The paper on top of the whanaungatanga is my definition of manaakitanga and whanaungatanga.  You may not know what manaakitanga means, it is when you have to respect others and have manners, it is the step to whanaungatanga.

The last one I'm going to talk about is my mihi.  Our version that my class used tells you who your principle is, school, name, room number, teacher, where I'm from, name and family name.

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  1. Awesome artwork and images. Whanau means family or your relations, so whanautanga is how we relate to others, or the things we do to better our family and our relationships.

    Love your work son, from Mum